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Water Blaster Mini Water Cannon - Short Range Soaker Waterblaster

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Water Blaster MINI Water Cannon
Water Blaster Mini Water Cannon - Short Range Soaker Waterblaster

The MINI Water Blaster Water Cannon is great for smaller ones to handle, or for those who like the advantage of quicker refills. Trust us, the MINI dishes out its share of water fun. Despite its smaller size it's no slouch on shooting distance.

The MINI is constructed with the same extra heavy duty material as its big brother, the XLR.

Ideal for water based fights from canoes, rowing boats etc. With this you will have the advantage... Water Blasters also float so you won't lose it if it goes over the side!

The Mini comes with an age restriction of 5 and up and if being used for water fights goggles are recommended.

Like it's big brother the Mini can also be used as a humane deterrent should you be bothered with unwelcome guests in your garden - cats, pigeons, although obviously the range is shorter.

The special Water Blaster nozzle can also be used for much much more. Water Blaster’s unique design allows you to draw air, water, or whatever suits your fancy into the cylinder, and then push it out again through the nozzle parents use Water Blaster to fill party balloons with air and of course Water Blaster can be used to create plump water balloons, quickly and easily.

Some of the other ingenious ways our customers use Water Blaster:

  • Defrosting icy windscreens (using warm water)
  • Artist rendered paintings
  • Cleaning boats
  • Removing water from clogged sinks
  • Defrosting iced up windscreen washers

VAT receipt supplied.

We are authorised distributors and sole UK importers of this product.

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More Information
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